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My name is Balazs Petercsak.

We got the fist dog in 1996: a white female specimen. Her father was Hungaria Gladiator Derby. This was the turning point: we were infected with the love for this species from then. Unfortunately we had to give her away at a later time, but we kept the habit of breeding them. This is how we contacted with Gabor Kigyossy and the Wild Roses kennel. We purchased the son of CH Quest Orca Sea Demon and Hungaria Gladiator Amazon in the fall of 1997. It was unexpected when - holding the titles of HPJ and CAC - at the age of two he passed. We wanted another dog, so in 1999 we bought a small female. Gigantic Giant Gina, the offspring of CH Wild Rose Im the Superman and Cosmopolitan Irishsong. However we were uable to convince her about the beauties of the runway: she simply didnt care for shows.

We bought a multiple awad winner adult female, Sarreti Gladiator Coca Cola, whose father was Alba Bull Excalibur. Coca Colas genetic background assured the safety of creating a flock of our own. We picked Cosmopolitan Sky Pirate as the father. He is a dutch males offspring, Polyssas Magic Michael. In 2001 the puppies arrived.In 2001 Gina puppies arrived,dam:HCH Wild Roses Fancy Dress.  In 2003 she coupled with Carletto del Dolcezza dei Movimenti and we kept one puppy of that flock, Zemplen Fighter Irish Cream-Sheena.Unfortunately - for unknown reasons- the later coupling of Gina and Coca Cola were unsuccessful, so we gave them away to our close friends. Sheena and Cosmopolitan Sky Pirate successfully breed.

We always wanted a male dog, and after some search we found Galik Laszlo and his kennel: Wonderful Wind of Dreams. We bought Bosco from them, the son of DKCH Steadfast Silver Stone von Bressendorff and ICH Golden Bullet Desert Rose. He became huge, and got the CAC on his first show at the age of 18 months. He got stomach cancer and in the fall of 2005 he died. It is probably one of the reasons why we became friends with Leslie Galik and created the Wonderful Wind of Dreams kennel.(Trophy of BronzeWreath Masterbreeder)

2006 fall brought the unsuccessful breeding project with Cosmopolitan Take Five dutch import, but in 2007 Sheena did get pregnant from the son of DKCH Steadfast Silver Stone von Bressendorff: HJCH Pannonszepe Lupo.

In 2008, Cosmopolitan Take Five took another chance, this time Sheena became pregnant again.

In 2009 we tried with a Slovakian male; Wasabi of Vatrova (the son of ICH Blade Feira de Santa ,Sovakian top male). This was Wasabis first breeding, so we are the first ones to take care of his first born ones . We did keep a female for further breeding.

In case it is requested, we are in touch with the new owners of the dogs we sell. consequently, we do cooperate to solve occasional problems together, which leads to close friendships.

I trust that soon I will greet you in the circle of our Zemplen Fighter owners.


Balazs Petercsak



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  • Kölyök
    2011-05-18 16:55:24

    Walter Opalplast Lakonga és Zempléni Fighter Moonlight kölykei megszülettek!

  • SJCH
    2011-03-25 16:14:29

    Zempléni Fighter Moonwalker:

    Slovak Junior Champion!

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    2009-09-11 12:15:44

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